Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I went to my first Kids Fashion event on Saturday!
I was shy at first but discovered a lot of fun activites!!!

 I first did cupcake decoration..
I wanted to eat the dry strawberries but was told this goes on the cupcake.

I thought I was only allowed to put one sprinkle, then the nice girl showed me that I could put a lot!

Dress: nununu

 I made a new friend and her name is Ruby.

 I feed the plants with water balloons.

 I made tie dye!

 I didn't know that we could have take ours home so I left without mine.  *sad face*

 I hung out with Chi from Ode de Jeune and played with Chickens

 I decorated the wall.

 I made a friend and ate yummy strawberry flavored popsicles from Sweet Clementine's!

This is the designer Ellen. I wish I can stay at her house forever.

I loved all my gifts! Especially the crochet fox from Afternoon Faun

Bye Bye House!

Thank you for the invite Hedley and Bennett!!!! I had so much fun!

To see more photos from the event, please check mommy's blog: maisassygirl

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