Tuesday, April 19, 2016


GUYS...what if I told you that you can customize your own wrapping paper with a photo of yourself or a loved one!?!? Well, you CAN!! Stardust wrapping paper allows you to upload a photo of your choosing (assuming you follow the guidelines) and voila, a personalized roll of wrapping paper!!! I heard it can wrap about 10 gifts!!! 

I've teamed up with Alliance of Moms to promote this particular MOM wrapping paper design for Mother's Day.  Starting from TODAY until Mother's Day, if you purchase this MOM paper background 25% of proceeds will go directly to the Alliance of Moms (@allianceofmoms) to help with programs for the pregnant and parenting foster youth in Los Angeles!!! How amazing is that!? After Mother's Day, 15% will be donated quarterly. 

Unfortunately, this special Zooey wrapping paper is not for sale but it's so funny isn't it!!

To order + for more info click link: AOM! WOW! Stardust Prints