Monday, May 23, 2016


Friends!!! I'll be hosting a scavenger hunt with Tiny Whales at Disneyland tomorrow, Tuesday May 24th at 12pm! We’ll be giving away three gift cards to valued at $100 each, plus other Tiny Whales Prizes. Follow along as we post clues of our location in the park on @tiny_whales Instagram and my snapchat: @zooeyinthecity. Be the first to find us in the park at one of our three locations to WIN!


  1. There can be only one winner per location in the park
  2. The first person to find us in one of the three locations wins a $100 gift card to (if the winner happens to be wearing Tiny Whales you will receive an additional prize)    
  3. In the event that multiple people find us at the same time, we will ask a trivia question to determine the winner of the $100 gift card.
  4. Participants can only win one time, so if you find us then please don’t send your nana or auntie after us for a second win.
  5. If you see us in the park after all the winners have been found please still come and say hello! We love meeting all of you and we might have some small gifts on us :)

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