Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Last week, Zooey became the Brand Ambassador for Havaianas USA and walked the Blue Carpet for the MOANA Premiere and interview some celebrities!!!! This was the Havaianas tidal wave made of flipflops!!! How amazing is it!? Havaianas was the official World Premiere sponsor of MOANA so we were super excited to be invited to be a part of this!! 

Dress: Pleiades Handmade // Sandals: Havaianas 

 Zooey was so happy to be representing Havaianas!

 Then realized she had to interview some people and got really nervous!! lol

 So, while waiting for our fav celebs to arrive, we watched the media next to us interview some casts. 

Leo Matsuda, Director of Inner Workings & Producer Sean Lurie

 The boys from Fresh off the Boat!

 Temuera Morrison (who plays Moana's father Chief Tui)

 DWAYNE JOHNSON!!! (who plays Maui!)

 So, let me just say, he turned around, Zooey waved and he came over and they gave each other High 5's. It was the cutest things EVERRRRRRRR.
I mean......... ❤️
This was seriously the most amazing experience ever!!!! The movie was SO good!!!
It releases TOMORROW NOVEMBER 23 in 3D!!! It's so so sooo cute so please take your kids and loved ones to go see it!!!! And FYI Havaianas has super cute MOANA flip flops too! You can find them HERE

To see a little bit of what else we did the days before just keep scrolling...
 Being an ambassador is no joke! Sandals for life!!!
Thank you Havaianas!!! 
 We stayed at the W hotel in Hollywood so that it would be easy to get to the El Capitan theater on the day of the premiere. We were in the nicest suite and seriously did NOT want to go home!!

 On the day of the premiere we had to go pick out Zooey's sandals to match with her dress. Did you know that you can bling out your sandals at the shop at the GROVE!? It's located near the farmers market by TopShop. 
jumpsuit: coco & manu
and she ended up just chilling in the floatie. lol!
Oh and did I mention that we had a limo pick us up from the W hotel to take us to the premiere? I mean it was seriously celebrity status and we just had the best best best time!!!!!!
We can't wait to work with Havaianas again!!!!!! 

Monday, November 21, 2016


Earlier this month we attended an event hosted by Nick Jr. x Mom.me for Shimmer & Shine and Blaze & The Monster Machines.  The event took place at this building in WEHO that I was always curious about called the Petersen Automotive Museum!  The event was held at the rooftop and there were so many activities going on! We made it just in time for Story Time with the creator & the girls who do the real voices of Shimmer & Shine

 The room was decorated like a genie room, and Zooey was so excited it felt like a dream come true with so many Shimmer and Shine dolls everywhere!

 Zooey was especially intrigued with this Magic Carpet toy.  It's a battery powered Magic Carpet where you can attach the Shimmer and Shine dolls and has a special button shaped as a jewel in the front which plays sounds and music when you press it!  It also glides across the table and floor!!! Zooey lit up every time she pressed the button so you can imagine that she pushed it over and over again! lol!

Z loves SHIMMER!! I think it's because of her PINK hair!

 While there were many toys around the room, Zooey seemed the most attached to the Magic Carpet toy and showed her friend Juliet how to play with it.  She of course showed her what happens when you press the jewel!

Zooey was so excited to meet hte people behind Shimmer & Shine!
Eva Bella (voice of Shimmer), Creator Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz, Isabella Crovetti-Camp (voice of Shine)

Thank you so much for the invite Mom.me!! This really did feel like a Mega Playdate because we ran into so many friends that we don't see enough! Can't wait for the next event!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Dress: Chloe Kristyn // Boots: Dr. Martens // Sunnies: Sons + Daughters 

We've been a little obsessed with Leopard prints lately! Not sure if you saw the amazing coat we wore to our friends wedding but in case you missed it you can see it here: FUR COAT

and as you know, we love styling Zooey in dresses. Pairing them with Dr. Martens is her staple. You can add swag to any dress with a pair of docs. hehe

Zooey is actually wearing a size 3T dress here so that it could run a bit shorter..and we plan to add some leggings + a leather jacket to it when it gets a big colder (see below)

Dress (can be worn as tunic): Chloe Kristyn // Vegan Leather Jacket: Eve Jnr. // Sunnies: Winkniks

To read more about this brand you can see more info here: Chloe Kristyn
They make clothing with bold prints for Mommy & Daughter.