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Zooey is officially 5 years old today!! We usually celebrate at Disneyland on Zooey's real birthday, but since FIVE is a big year, we decided to throw a huge party for her last week with some of her closest friends. We teamed up with Wild Child Party, who decked out their event space with this amazing 70's themed Flower Power, Love Peace & Happiness decor and it seriously was the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! Pinterest worthy? I think SO! Not only were the decorations on point, but we also made sure the guests came dressed to impressed in Harlow and Jade bell bottoms to make it truly feel like we traveled back in time. Scroll down to see all that went down last week.

Wild Child Party hand-made the paper flowers & peace signs for the wall. We loved the simplicity of it and how it was just enough to give the party a little bit of POP.

Zooey's outfit:

Clogs: Old Navy

The dessert table. We kept it simple with customized doughnuts from Good Town Doughnuts and chocolate bars from Tony Chocolonely.

Zooey's cake was home made by her auntie Mindy who makes her birthday cake every year! It's actually rainbow inside which you'll see later.

We had the Traveling Photo Bus come with their vintage VW photobooth which was SO MUCH FUN and The Nail Truck also came to pamper the guests in their vintage airstream.

The food was provided by Jinny's Pizzeria & Popsicles from Paloma's Paletas

Paloma's Paletas brought their own cart!!

Zooey loved greeting all of her friends.

Zooey x Goldie

Seriously how cute were Zooey's guests!?

Pamelyn of Bashery & Co came matching with her minis.

Amelie's dress is also by Pleiades Handmade


How cute is this mini mani party on The Nail Truck!!

Sam & Madison Hu from the Disney Show Bizaardvark popped in too!

Next to Madison are sign boards from Crowd Signs which we customized to be like an Instagram photo & a flower decorative one.

Moorea & Zooey


An arts & crafts table was set up outside to help prevent the inside from becoming too over crowded. The sunglasses & glow lamp crafts were provided by SEEDLING. Onchmovement, the master of arts & crafts, came and helped man the crafting table for us.

The SEEDLING Design your own sunglasses craft was super cute but the parents were worried about the possibility of it getting on the kids' nice clothes. So instead of opening it up at the party, they asked to take them home so that the kids can design them in pajamas. hehe So we ended up providing the sunnies into everyone's swag bag instead.

The Traveling Photo Bus was a huge hit!!!

Things got a little crazy when everyone decided Zooey should open their gifts. It was the sweetest thing to see each of her friends bring Zooey their gifts to her.

Francis & Ellen popped by too!


Thank you friends for coming!!!!!!

Everyone also went home with a sweet swag bag. (Mom's too!) We'd like to thank all of our sponsors for being a part of Zooey's 5th birthday!!!

Photos in this post are courtesy of Katee Grace

Venue + Decorations:



Swag Bag:

and a super special thanks to Harlow & Jade for dressing the guests!!!

P.S. This party was also featured on MINISTYLE BLOG ! Click to see more photos!

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