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It's finally out and you can actually watch it on NETFLIX, and on the airplanes now too! Zooey had a tiny part as OKIMI (the water bottle kid) in this movie and it is her very first credited feature movie on her IMBD!

It was such a fun experience and to even be on the same call sheet as Brad Pitt, Joey King, Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor Johnson !! AHHHH!

Zooey's call time was 8am and we totally thought that they would get her scene in like 1 hr. During her one line scene in S.W.A.T., she was done in like 1.5 hour. However, the director David Leitch decided to keep her for longer and in walks Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor Johnson!!!!!!! She was going to shoot her scene with them!!!!!!!!! This was shot during the pandemic so everyone had to social distance so I had to stay pretty far away from where Zooey was and watched from a monitor. She said Brian and Aaron were really nice and hyped her up a lot. When Zooey's scene was wrapped the director called everyone over and they huddled in a circle, and he said "And that's a wrap for ZOOEY!" and everyone clapped for her!!! It was such a fun experience.

Zooey x Brian Tyree Henry

Zooey x David Leitch

Have you watched Bullet Train yet?

Zooey's scene:


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