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Updated: Jun 19, 2022


Incredibles 2 has finally hit the theaters and we had a chance to watch it at Cinépolis Luxury Theaters Laguna Niguel. Have you EVER watched a movie where you had ‘in-theater waiter service?” Um, it's a game changer in the movie watching experience! But first, let me tell you that it was the first time that we brought baby Amelie with us to the movies. We were afraid of how loud the theater might be, so we even brought noise canceling headphones just in case, but luckily we didn't need them! This was also our first time at Cinépolis, and I don’t think we can go to regular theaters anymore because it was AMAZINGGG!!! LOL!


As we walked up to the theater, we noticed all the outdoor seating. There's a full bar, in the case you want to come hang out earlier with your friends and grab a drink before movie time. Having this amenity is so great because you can do it all in one place, instead of meeting somewhere else first and catching your movie later. SO CONVENIENT!


If you don't want to try the 'in theater waiter service' you can still order popcorn and drinks the old fashion way, at the concession counter (to the right of the photo). However, it's much more fun to just order from your seat as well!


They only offer reserved seating which is always a plus for us because then we don’t have to worry about having to come too early to save spots for our party. Zooey was stoked about the reclining leather seats!!


Zooey wanted her popcorn and ICEE first, so we ordered these at the concession stand.


Amelie most definitely enjoyed the popcorn and having her own seat as well.


If you notice the little round button behind the #3 table light, that’s where you press for the waiter to come. A waiter usually comes by during the previews to ask you if you’d like to order anything. They legit had a full menu of sandwiches, burgers, fries, salads, etc!!! We ordered lunch for the kids (YES, they have a kid’s menu!), and it came pretty quickly after we ordered. We caught the movie around 11:15am and knocked out having to worry about lunch time because we were able to order the kids ate chicken tenders, edamame, and a sandwich during the movie (not pictured because it was dark). If you needed anything else during the movie you could just push the button.

In terms of the loudness of the sound in the theater, it was NOT bad at all for Amelie!! The sound was not too crazy loud at all and Amelie seemed very comfortable. I’d say it was a successful first movie experience for everyone and it was especially perfect for watching Incredibles 2! It made the movie feel THAT MUCH MORE FUN AND AMAZING!

To see what else they offer at these theaters, you can see it here:

If you’re ready to try this luxury theater experience, check out this link for all the upcoming movies:

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Cardigan: Mini Rodini from Luisaviaroma // Top: Comme De Garcon // Jeans: Gapkids // 

Boots: Doc Martens // Sunnies: Zero UV

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored but all the views and opinions expressed are honest and purely mine.


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