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Be kind to each other and spare a square! 🤲🏻🧻 We’re in this together and thankful for these virtual connections across the globe while staying safe at home! Have you made friends through this @instagram community that you haven’t met IRL yet? We challenge you to connect with each other and make a grid like this one, inspired by the Brady Bunch, use #stayathomegrid and label where everyone is from 🌎💙 Big thanks to @woodsdowestcoast (USA) for organizing and making this edit! @babyclairebear (USA) (the Netherlands) @cool_dudes_nz (New Zealand) @shineon.crazydiamond (Argentina) @haus_of_boys (Australia) @valentina_and_thegang (Australia) @chasing_soph (Australia) . . . Dress: @bandybutton Sunnies: @wearesonsanddaughters


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