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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Zooey and Sloane got to do a really fun project for Stella Kids where they flew Zooey over to UTAH to shoot some Halloween content for #STELLAWEEN. This was actually way before Halloween so there weren't any pumpkin patches yet and we had to find another way to create some Halloween content. Becky Kimball (Sloane's mom + the photographer) lives in Utah and found some really cool locations we could shoot at so that's how we were able to fly there for this. Zooey and Sloane are also good friends so this project was just so much fun.

I mean how perfect is this forest that we found? We were channeling 'the ring' vibes.

Creeping into your dreams like...

Another location we shot at was in a corn field and channeled the 'children of the corn' vibe. Does anyone else know that movie?! It's so creepy. lol

All photos by Becky Kimball

If you want to see what we wore for #Stellaweek a few years ago click here.

We miss these star platform shoes!!

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