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The ARU SHAH SERIES #readwithzooey

Zooey's been reading A LOT and we thought it would be fun to share all the books that she's been reading. She recently finished all of the Keeper of the Lost cities - all 9.5 books and has been looking for a new one to start. Let us introduce you to the Aru Shah series...

The PANDAVA QUINTET by Roshani Chokski is officially complete !!! The 5th and final book “Aru Shah and the Nectar of Immortality” is now on sale, and the final stand may or may not involve a rock concert ? 🤯 🎸 Scroll to the bottom if you’ve already read book 1-4 … **If you’re looking for a new series for your Middle-Grade readers, Zooey highly recommends the Pandava quintet. In case you weren’t familiar, this is a New York Times best selling series based on stories and characters from Hindu epic poems. It’s filled with Girl Power vibes and follows a group of girls who discover they are reincarnated Pandava brothers. Their bravery and friendship is so fun to see, and Zooey feels it’s awesome that Aru remains a normal teenage girl with the same normal teenage insecurities even though she possesses great power. We can go on and on about why this series ROCKS! **Spoiler alert if you haven’t started the series: After a stunning betrayal in Book 4, the Pandavas’ final battle against the Sleeper will take place in this thrilling series conclusion. Aru Shah and her sisters will face the Sleeper for the last time and you’ll finally find out who wins the war between the devas and asuras! You can find the entire Pandava quintet wherever books are sold!

Zooey has read these books over and over and can't wait for them to be made into a movie / tv series!!!! Let us know what you think!!! Zooey has a ton more books to recommend! Are you ready? hehe

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