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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

8 years old. Zooey is officially 8 years old!!! They say time flies and it REALLY DOES! Just 2 years ago Zooey took the same photo in front of this wall with a #6 Balloon. We didn't plan a birthday party this year because last year's party was pretty epic. See #stuckinthe80s party report here. Things have actually taken a weird turn this year and everyone is currently on lock down because of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). It's been spreading like crazy so the Governer decided to close all schools and non-essential businesses. We are only going outside to go to the supermarket, or buy things that we need. For now, school is only planned to close for 2 weeks but it could close until the end of the school year. It's insane what's happening right now. Costco is constantly sold out of toilet paper and water. As a nation we are not experiencing a food shortage but people are hoarding and panicking. I pray that things go back to normal soon. We miss our friends. We miss going to school. Zooey's modeling and acting work has come to a halt as there are no more face to face auditions at the moment. This means we have to really step it up with the self tapes and VO auditions. A lot of production has shut down for the moment...Right now we are focusing on #flatteningthecurve by staying home to prevent spreading this virus. This literally feels like a zombie movie, or something from the movie Outbreak. We've been staying in touch with friends via IG LIVE, Facetime, Google Hangouts (not our favorite platform so far)..and ZOOM. Going to try some new apps like "HOUSE PARTY" and will report back! Until then, Happy Birthday Zooey!

This pink power suit is from Stella McCartney Kids and you can also find it here

Beatles Tee: Vintage

Converse: Vintage from EBAY

Balloon bouquet from Wild Child Party

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